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10 of the Most Unprofessional Work Behaviors

10 of the Most Unprofessional Work BehaviorsEveryone has weak moments, where a panic moment or a lapse in judgment leads to workplace decisions were elend especially proud to own. And unfortunately, if there are witnesses to said behavior, there could be whispers about your unprofessionalism that follow you around. However, if you know ahead of time where some of the danger zones lie, you can try to avoid being branded with a scarlet U. googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display(div-gpt-ad-1467144145037-0) ) 1. Throwing other people under the busIts just never a good idea. You may see an opening to avoid blame or disapproval, but if it means offering up one of your colleagues, youre better off not playing this game. If something truly isnt your fault, you should stick up for yourself, but he did it too didnt work in elementary school, and it doesnt work now.2. Taking shortcutsYou want it done fast, or do you want it done right? Always err on the side of completeness. If you rus h to get things done, mistakes will emerge, and youll be known as someone who does shoddy work.3. Gossiping about coworkersTalking smack, even if its mild or true, may get you a laugh from a coworker in the short term, but itll also get you a reputation for being indiscreet and/or catty.4. Broadcasting rolleal opinionsFeeling the Bern? Itching to Make Donald Drumpf Again? Fantastic, take that passion and spend your personal time making cold calls for your favorite candidate. Dont bring it into the office, or stand at the coffee machine telling everyone wholl listen that the real birth certificate will vindicate your conspiracy theories. The workplace is a diverse environment, where everyone needs to get along harmoniously for a common purpose. That might mean staying publicly mum on hot-potato topics like politics or religion, even when you so totally disagree with someone on a personal issue.5. Ignoring boundaries with coworkersDont be that guy who has screaming matches on the phon e with his wife in his open-plan cubicle. Dont be the lady whose pungent microwaved leftovers permeate the whole office with a salmon-y smell. Or the guy whose cologne makes him a walking billboard for the Axe body spray you never want to smell again. Being oblivious to the senses of those around you can be a huge professionalism misstep.6. Biting the hand that feeds youOh, you dont agree with every single decision your anfhrer or the company makes? Neither does anyone else. That doesnt mean youre free to complain about the powers that be every chance you get. For serious grievances, take them to the appropriate channels (HR, your supervisor). For run-of-the-mill gripes, save those for your trusted confidantes outside of the office walls (spouse, cat, clergyperson). You dont want to be known as the malcontent who hates this place, because itll become much easier to a) ignore your concerns and b) ding you for not being a team player.7. Mistaking work-social events for social-social e ventsThe office party with an open bar is an open invitation, right? I mean, would your company offer drinks if they didnt want you to get sloshed and have a good time? Its a trap Not an intentional oneat work-sponsored social events, your company probably does want you to have a good time. Within reason. Exercise moderation at these events, because no one respects the professionalism of the person holding beer 5 while loudly demanding that someone play Freebird.8. Monopolizing meetingsYou have ideasexcellent So does everyone else in the room. The whole point of a meeting is to get different perspectives into a room together. When one person dominates that, others can feel marginalized or frustrated.9. Not following throughIf you promise something and dont deliver once, it could be a fluke. If you routinely promise the stars and deliver C-level celebrities, it becomes a pattern of untrustworthiness.10. Using devices while talking to coworkersYou may think it looks like youre a multi tasking rockstar, but to you colleagues it looks like youre giving the issue at hand half of your attention (at best).Your reputation is one of the most important professional tools youve gotand unlike your resume, which you can improve and revise with every new job, your rep is often beyond your control. If you do everything you can to make sure youre putting forth the employee you want to be, thats what others will see. The belastung thing you want is for a former boss or colleague to waffle (or worse, tell stories about your public failings) when asked for a reference.

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Kids in good daycare programs earn more later

Kids in good daycare programs earn mora later Wondering whether you should continue working given how much money you have to fork over for childcare? While some prefer to and choose to be a stay-at-home mom, those who worry whether the financial tradeoff is worth it should take heart. A new study led by Nobel Prize winning University of Chicago Economics Professor Joseph Heckman shows that an investment in high-quality daycare is worth it. The longitudinal study spanning 35 years was based on studying two free, full-time childcare programs administered in North Carolina to low-income children under the age of 5. It compared the life outcomes of both the children and working mothers to a control group of children who were placed in lower-quality day-care or simply stayed at home.In the end, the mothers of those in the experimental program earned mora when the children attended preschool, and this difference in earnings persisted decades later. Moreover, the children themselves earned mora than the children in the lower-quality care control group. Boys who reached the age of 30 earned on average of $19,800 more per year and had 6 months more education than those in the control group. Girls, too, who attended the high quality daycare program earned about $2,500 more per year and had 2 additional years of education compared to the girls in the control group.How much did this high-quality childcare cost? $18,514 per child for the year. However, the study found that this price kalendertag returned $7.30 in terms of additional income for the child and mother for every $1 spent. In other words, the return was more than 700%. The cost of this daycare program is above the national average cost for putting one child through daycare in the United States (which comes with a price tag of $16,514, according to a study by and The New America).Professor Heckman told the New York Times that the children who participated in the high quality daycare program are engaged mo re in the work force, theyre now active participants of society, theyre more educated, they have higher skills. So what weve done is promoted mobility across generations.While the study was based on a relatively small sample size, the results are compelling. That an investment in early childhood care and education pays off over the coming years should be a relief to any working moms out there wondering if expensive daycare is worth it.

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The Non-Traditional Recruiting Strategies Youll Want to Try Today - Spark Hire

The Non-Traditional Recruiting Strategies Youll Want to Try Today - Spark HireIf youre still just posting job openings on big sites and hoping for the best, dont be surprised if your recruiting efforts fall flat. When you want to land top tier talent, you need to attract their attention by approaching them in an eye-catching and unique way. When your current recruiting strategy just isnt cutting it, try some of these approaches to mix things upIncentivize your employeesYour current team members are your best ambassadors and most effective recruiters. When they show their passion for your company, it inspires other people to want to join the team. To get them even more excited about spreading the word, you can give them an incentive in the form of money, a restaurant gift certificate, or added vacation time. Let them know that when their recruit stays for x amount of time, theyll enjoy one of these rewards. Youll probably be surprised by how eager they are to find talented new staffer s to join you.Take out a billboardUse a billboard with a few snappy sentences and a catchy image (maybe your staff having fun at a company function) to grab the attention of people who might be seeking work. Throw in your website where an interested person can find out more information and watch the applications roll in.Make a commercial featuring your staff memberInstead of a dry This is __ Company and were hiring now mix up your approach and feature your staff members in the spot. Highlight your team, their talents, and what they love about coming to work every day. When theres humor and energy in the commercial, youll catch the attention of an individual who might be seeking a new employment opportunity. Plus, your team will enjoy getting to be involved in the spot.Have you used any unique recruiting strategies? Let us know in the commentsImage Olivier Le Moal/

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Customize this Impressive Front Office Associate Resume Sample

Customize this Impressive Front sekretariat Associate Resume SampleCustomize this Impressive Front Office Associate Resume SampleCreate Resume A resume may be more important than you think when it comes to getting hired. In fact, its usually the only first impression you have when it comes to scoring that all-important interview. So take time to follow the Front Office Associate resume template below for suggestions on how to present your talents and experience in the best light. Joel ThompsonProfessional SummaryDedicated Front Office Associate skilled in numerous aspects of customer service and hospitality management. Strong math skills, with night auditing and cash handling proficiency. Outgoing and friendly, able to resolve customer complaints quickly.Core QualificationsCustomer ServiceHospitality ManagementNight AuditingCash HandlingConflict ResolutionMulti-Line Phone SystemEfficientFriendlyWork ExperienceFront Desk Associate July 2013 June 2015New Parkland Inn New Parkland, C AGreeted guests, checked guests in and out, answered phones, took reservationsEntered information into the computer system, processed cash and credit card transactions, performed night auditsKept front desk area and lobby clean, answered questions for guests, performed other duties as assignedCashier, June 2010 July 2013Gift Shop, New Parkland Inn New Parkland, CARang up customer purchases, answered questions, assisted in locating itemsStocked shelves, assisted with inventoryKept shop clean, straightened shelves and racks, performed other duties as assigned2013 Associate of Arts Hospitality ManagementNew Parkland Community College New Parkland, CACustomize Resume

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Air Force Technical Training School Locations Codes

Air Force Technical Training School Locations CodesAir Force Technical Training School Locations CodesOnce enlisted personnel in the Air Force have completed their basic military training, theyre eligible to enter technical training to pursue a career path. This is different than pursuing officer training, which is a separate track entirely. The location of the technical school will vary depending on which Air Force career an airman is pursuing. The length of the technical training also will vary by program, typically anywhere from four weeks to a year (or more). Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSCs) Air Force Specialty Codes or AFSCs are enlisted jobs divided into several overall categories. These include Operations, Maintenance and Logistics, Support, Medical and Dental, Legal and Chaplain, Finance and Contracting, and Special Investigations. Within these categories, AFSCs are further assigned to career fields, which may have one AFSC or several assigned to it, depending on each on es function. So for someone wanting to pursue a career in the Air Force as aVehicular Equipment Maintenance specialist, who works on vehicles like trucks and forklifts would first complete 7.5 weeks of basic training, then 79 days of technical training athafen Hueneme in California, as well as meeting other requirements of the position. Air Force Technical Training Locations and Codes Shown below are the codes used to describe Air Force technical training locations. Alt - Altus AFB, Altus, Oklahoma Home of the 97th Air Mobility Wing, Altus Air Force Base was first activated as a multi-engine flight training school in 1943. Bea - Beale AFB, Marysville, California First opened in 1942 as Camp Beale, this kusine was a training site for armored and infantry divisions, and during World War II was home to 60,000 soldiers, a 1,000-bed hospital and served as a prisoner of war camp. Its home to the 9th Reconnaissance Wing. Chr - Charleston, South Carolina In addition to being home to the 628th Air Base Wing, Joint Base Charleston hosts more than 60 Department of Defense and federal agencies. DM - Davis Mothan, Arizona DavisMonthan, near Phoenix, Arizona is an Air Combat Command installation and home to the 355th Fighter Wing. Dov - Dover, Delaware Dover AFB is home to the two wings that make up the Dover kollektiv The active duty 436th Airlift Wing, (also called the Eagle Wing) and the Air Force Reserves 512th Airlift Wing (known as the Liberty Wing). Dover is also home to the Charles C. Carson Center for Mortuary Affairs, which is the Department of Defenses largest joint-service mortuary facility. Egl - Eglin, Florida Activated in 1935 under the name Valparaiso Bombing and Gunnery Base, Eglin is home to the 96th Test Wing. It was renamed in 1937 for Lt. Col. Frederick Eglin, an airman killed in a plane crash. Ell - Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota Home to the 28th Bomb Wing,Ellsworth was built in 1942. Fc - Fairchild, Washington Built in 1942, Fairchild is home to the9 2nd Air Refueling Wing, which is assigned to the Air Mobility Commands Eighteenth Air Force. FB- Fort Bragg, North Carolina The former geistlicher Air Force base was absorbed into the Armys Fort Bragg in 2011. The Air Force Combat Control School trains at Pope Field there. FE - Fort Eustis, Virginia In 2010, Langley Air Force Base was absorbed into the Armys Fort Eustis to form Joint Base Langley-Eustis. The 362nd TRS Detachment 1 Air Force Helicopter Technical School is located here. FG - Fort Gordon, Georgia TheAir Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency is stationed at the Armys Fort Gordon, which was built in 1917. FGM - Fort George Meade, Maryland Originally called Camp Annapolis Junction, this facility, which opened in 1917, is home to the National Security Agency. This joint base serves all branches of the U.S. military and is also home to the Air Forces70th Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Wing. FL - Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri This Army base is home to the Air Force 364th Training Squadron, Detachment 1. G - Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, Texas This base, built in 1940 is home to the Air Forces 17th Training Wing, which trains airmen in fire protection, and reconnaissance and intelligence. Hu - Hurlburt Field, Florida This installation in central Florida is home to the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), the 1st Special Operations Wing, the Air Force Special Operations School and the Air Combat Command 505th Command and Control Wing. Ho - Holloman AFB, New Mexico Originally calledAlamogordo Airfield, this base built in 1942 is home to the 49th Wing. K - Keesler AFB, Biloxi, Mississippi This base is home to the 81st Training Wing and is the Air Forces electronics training Center of Excellence. Its also home to 2nd Air Force, 403rd Wing, and the 85th Engineering Installation Squadron. As a joint training facility, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard as well as Air Force personnel train here. Kir - Kirtland AFB A lbuquerque, New Mexico Home to the 377th Air Base Wing, this base was built in 1942. L - Lackland AFB, Texas This base is part of the Joint Base San Antonio, which includes the Armys Fort Sam Houston and the Randolph Air Force Base. Lackland is the only entry processing station for Air Force enlisted Basic Military Training. LR - Little Rock, Arkansas This base is home to the 19th Airlift Wing, which is assigned to the Air Mobility Command 21st Expeditionary Mobility Task Force. Its also the primary Department of Defense training base for the C-130 Hercules aircraft. Luk - Luke AFB, Arizona Home to the 56th Fighter Wing, this base was built in 1941 and is named for World War I flying ace Frank Luke, a native of Phoenix who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery. Max - Maxwell AFB Montgomery, Alabama This base is home to the 908th Airlift Wing andAir University, which provides training for all Air Force personnel, including professional military education and deg rees. MC - McChord Field, Tacoma, Washington McChord, built in 1940, is the home of the 62nd Airlift Wing, Air Mobility Command. McG - McGuire AFB, New Jersey Part of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, which includes Navy and Army facilities, McGuire is home to the87th Air Base Wing. P - Patrick AFB, Florida This base, once known as Naval Air Station Banana River, is thehome of the 45th Space Wing and controls nearby Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Po - Pope Field, South Carolina The former Pope Air Force Base is now known as Pope Field and is controlled by the Army as part of Fort Bragg. S - Sheppard AFB, Texas Built in 1941, Sheppard Air Force Base is home to the 82nd Training Wing. The 80th Flying Training Wing is also located here. Sct - Scott AFB, Illinois Established in 1917, Scott is the headquarters of the U.S. Transportation Commandand is home to the 375th Air Mobility Wing, the Air National Guard 126th Air Refueling Wing and the Air Force Reserves 932nd Airlift Wing. Ti - Tinker AFB, Oklahoma Home to the72nd Air Base Wing, Tinker is also home to the Navys Strategic Communications Wing One and other Department of Defense missions. Trv - Travis AFB, California The host garrison at this base, built in 1942, is the 60th Air Mobility Wing Tyn - Tyndall AFB, Florida Built in 1941, Tyndall is the home of the 325th Fighter Wing. V - Vandenberg AFB, California Vandenburg is home to the Air Forces30th Space Wingand was built in 1941. Its a space and missile testing base for the Department of Defense. Whi - Whiteman AFB, Missouri Whiteman is home of the 509th Bomb Wing, which operates the B-2 Stealth Bomber. The base was established as an Air Force base in 1942.

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5 Lifestyle Issues to Consider Before Working in IT

5 Lifestyle Issues to Consider Before Working in IT5 Lifestyle Issues to Consider Before Working in ITWhen it comes to working in information technology, some aspects of the lifestyle are exactly what you expect, while others are very different from what you expect. Below are five lifestyle issues to consider before deciding to work in IT.1. Irregular SchedulesMany jobs in IT require you to work nonstandard hours. For example, if you work for a large or international company that develops technology, it will likely have shifts, as in developers who work from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., programmers who work from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m., and then overseas testers who work the next eight hours. That way, the developers come to work the next morning and the things they designed and planned for are programmed, tested, and ready for the next cycle. If you work in IT for a company that just uses technology, youll be expected to be always available, whether by phone, text, or e-mail (integrated into the sam e device these days anyway). Even in nonemergency situations, youll still have to work some weekends or nights, which is when IT staff tend to test new products or perform major system upgrades. (That way, it doesnt interfere with the regular course of business.)2. StressWorking in IT can be a crash course in diplomacy and precious people skills. Many of your colleagues will approach technological challenges differently. For some people, the bottom line is to get technology to work, no matter how ugly the solution (known as a kludge). Other people wont rest until theyve solved an IT problem elegantly. Still others wont rest unless the solution is efficient and provides cost savings. Dealing with stress is a big part of any IT job, whether your role is junior desktop support or CTO. The so-called IT fires occur constantly. People run to you, call you, e-mail you, or text-message you, commonly interrupting your vacations.3. HealthAside from merely annoying daily tension, IT stress can result in physical injury. This is a serious issue that made ergonomics a household word. Spending too much intense time using a computer can cause injury to your back, eyesight, fingers, and neck (along with your heart and waistline, given that stressful IT positions often result in quick and unhealthy snacking in lieu of real lunches.) The U.S. Department of Labors Occupational Safety and Health Administration offers advice and resources, as does the Mayo Clinic. Sites like HealthyComputing also provide useful information. Using even more technology can help, too, as there are many products on the market designed to help you sit, type, and view in healthier and more ergonomic ways. There are even professional associations (such as the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society). Ergonomics and human safety also feature in the study of human-computer interaction, better known as HCI. HCI also has its share of companies and conferences. A good place to learn more is at the User Experienc e Professional Association.4. Culture and StereotypesTechnology is more of a meritocracy than most other industries. And while spirited debates on technology subjects (known in the industry as holy wars) inevitably occur, most employers discourage this kind of contention, especially at major companies in which large and disparate computing systems must literally work together. So try to keep this in mind when you show up for your new IT job.Unfortunately, IT suffers from more gender stereotyping than many other industries. Women are employed at all levels of the IT industry and have been for many years, and some industry leaders are female (although their percentage remains quite low). Yet pockets of political incorrectness persist among men in the field. Examples range from men who wouldnt intentionally offend people but who simply lack good social skills, to men who feel that only they can do solid IT work. There is also the serious issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. Tha ts not to say that the IT industry tolerates inappropriate behavior any more than other fields, but its impossible to deny that inappropriate beliefs about women (and behaviors) persist among some male workers. The good news is that this is slowly changing, largely due to the influx of women entering the industry during the Internet boom, renewed attention on the serious issues of sexual harassment by the MeToo Movement and IT organizations such as Women in Technology, and the attrition (by age and layoffs) of the he-man-women-haters club.Off-hours labor and the sporadic eating habits this precipitates are factors more specific to IT. There is a stereotype of the single male IT worker surrounded by empty bottles of Coke and half-eaten Twinkies. There are many cases where this is absolutely true. But there are just as many cases where its completely false. Yes, there are scores of real nerds, but there are also health nuts, family men, women, and fitness enthusiasts. Many IT companie s have taken steps to offer their employees access to healthful food in company cafeterias and access to corporate gyms for regular exercise.5. Salaries, Benefits, and Job SatisfactionAlthough the work environment can sometimes be challenging, good pay and strong benefits at many IT firms offset these drawbacks. Those employed in computer and mathematical careers earned mean annual salaries of $89,810 (according to the U.S. Department of Labor in May 2017). This is much higher than the mean salary for all occupations, $50,620. Robert Half Technology reports that salaries for chief technology managers, chief information officers, chief security officers, directors of technology, and other high-level executives can exceed $200,000.Fringe benefits are generous at many tech companies and other employers of IT workers. According to Robert Half Technologys 2018 Salary Guide for Technology Professionals95 percent of companies offer medical insurance88 percent offer dental insurance62 perce nt offer flexible work schedules34 percent offer telecommuting options.Job satisfaction is high in the IT industry. Seventy-nine percent of IT professionals surveyed by CompTIA AITA in 2017 reported being satisfied with their jobs- up 6 percent from 2015. And 73 percent of respondents reported that their jobs provided them with a sense of personal accomplishment.This post was excerpted from the new Vault Career Guide to Information Technology.

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The Coolest Companies for Freelancers

The Coolest Companies for FreelancersThe Coolest Companies for Freelancers Soon, plopping yourself in a desk chair from 9 to 5, for 5 days a week, will become a thing of the past. Companies are recognizing that by allowing employees to sleep in or even better, to work from bed their workforce is happier and more productive. These options are particularly attractive to freelancers, who take on occasional or remote work across a variety of industries. Whether you are looking for temporary work , looking to work remotely or to find a gig with flexible hours , these companies have job openings for you. Where Hiring Denver, CO Seattle, WA Remote & more,Open Roles AWS Solutions Architect Public Sector Remote, Senior Technical Recruiter, Bilingual Japanese Technical rckendeckung Associate Work From Home, Part Time Software Development Manager III, & more.What Employees Say I work at AWS in NYC and was hired while in my 2nd trimester. There are great facilities f or nursing mothers and they make it easy to pump at the office. There is a real commitment to diversity and inclusion which is felt from the highest levels of management. My team has a flexible policy where employees canwork from home. You are held accountable for meeting your goals but you have flexibility in deciding how you make that happen. Current Senior Business Development ManagerWhere Hiring Nederland, TX Denver, CO Naperville, IL Austin, TX Remote & more.Open Roles Temporary Logistics Coordinator, Contract Media Producer, BI Developer, Temporary Contract Support Specialist, Contract Recruiting Coordinator, & more.What Employees Say Virtual,work from homeposition. The pay was great, the hours were great, they work with you and are very flexible, can always pick up shifts if you have under 40 hours, (youre scheduled 40 hours but if you miss a day that week) you can pick up another shift from the board Current EmployeeWhere Hiring New York, NY San Francisco, CA Remote & more.Open Roles Work From Home Search Engine Evaluator, Social Media Evaluator, US English Transcriber, Work From Home Taiwanese TranscriberWhat Employees Say Youwork from homeat your own pace. There is a wide variety of projects to apply to. Entry level to degreed positions are available. The work is challenging and keeps you engaged. Every project is different but I have worked several and I truly enjoyed the work. Most days I cant wait to get started. There are lots of work from home opportunities out there but Appen is by far the best of them all The guidelinesare strict, so you need to be serious and invested in the work but Appen operates with integrity and with mine and the clients best interest as their first priority. Apply today Current FreelancerWhere Hiring Nashville, TN Buffalo, NY Tampa, FL Round Rock, TX Remote & more.Open Roles Systems Consultant, Account Executive Commercial Direct Sales, OEM Inside Product Specialist, Merchandising & CPFR (Distribution Pl anning) Senior Advisor, & more.What Employees Say Work from homeis a great perk Additionally, they are very flexible with vacation time. Its a nice environment overall and a great one to take the lead on a lot of projects Current Demand PlannerWhere Hiring Como, Italy Memphis, TN McLean, VA Remote, & more.Open Roles Massage Therapist/Masseur Freelance, Beauty Therapist Part Time & Freelance, Lead Software Engineer, Local Market Support Senior Manager, & more.What Employees Say Hilton was my first job out of college and I have now been with the company for over 4 years. The company offers great PTO,work from homeoptions, and flexible work schedule vs every other company that I have looked at. They continue to add more benefits (such as adoption assistance, and paid paternity leave). The people in the company are very knowledgeable and really want to help you succeed and advance your career. Current Revenue ManagementWhere Hiring Phoenix, AZ Somerset, NJ Remote, & more.Ope n Roles Case Manager, Consulting Case Manager, Application Support Analyst, & more.What Employees Say Culture is phenomenal. Im given a lot of independence, encouragement to come up with unique solutions and senior management regularly supports their direct reports. Get to deal with a lot of unique and difficult problems. Work-life balance is excellent with opportunities towork from homeand reasonable PTO allotment. Current EmployeeWhere Hiring New York, NY Hong Kong Remote, & more.Open Roles Admissions Consultant (Freelance), Accessibility Manager, Help Desk Agent, School and Library Marketing Associate, Amazon Merchandising Specialist, & more.What Employees Say This is the kind of place you like to come to work every day because you like the people you spend your time with. Kaplan has a value statement and tries hard to stick to it. Professional development over the years has been great- virtual and in-person trainings occur on a variety of topics to help employees improve t heir skill sets. Plenty ofwork from homeopportunities and family flexibility as well. Current ManagerWhere Hiring Bellevue, WA La Crosse, WI Vienna, VA Remote, & more.Open Roles SAP Concur Reporting Specialist, Customer Data Cloud Services Senior Technical Consultant, SAP Concur Senior Travel Delivery Specialist, Customer Data Cloud Service Senior Functional Consultant, & more.What Employees Say SAP gives us, employees, the necessary tools towork from home. This is great as it allows you to better balance your work life balance Current ConsultantWhere Hiring Brooklyn Park, MN Asheville, NC Allentown, PA Fort Myers, FL & more.Open Roles Part Time Driver, Part Time Service Agent Car Cleaner, Part Time Lot Attendant, Seasonal Return Agent, & more.What Employees Say platzdeckchen hours, shift bids each month if you want to participate and change your schedule.Work from home. Current Reservations AgentWhere Hiring Boston, MA Phoenix, AZ Branford, CT Franklin, MA Remote & more .Open Roles Sales Representative, Senior Project Manager Operations, Field Service Engineer II, Synthetic Biology Technical Sales Specialist, Field Application Scientist, & more.What Employees Say Flexible, great compensation and benefits, smart and hardworking leadership. Current EmployeeWhere Hiring Portland, ME Thousand Oaks, CA Baltimore, MD Remote & more.Open Roles Observational Research Manager, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Value & Access Director, Regulatory Writing Manager, & more.What Employees Say Great pay and benefits, great professionals to work with, beautiful campus, learning opportunities available. Hard work within reasonable hours, allowing forwork/life balance. Former EmployeeWhere Hiring Alpharetta, GA Milpitas, CA London, England Remote & more.Open Roles Senior Applications Developer, District Manager Major Accounts, Life Cycle Consultant, & more.What Employees Say Good benefits, flexibility towork from home, potential to gain a lifetime of experience in a short time. Current Payroll SpecialistOpen Roles Flexible ESL Teacher, Part-Time Online English Instructor, Weekend Online Teacher, & more.What Employees Say Easy to do from home. No commute, no child care, no savvy business clothes, no commuting in the snow, and the best part is every day is bring your cat to work day My cat, Bootsie, loves my job as much as I do No kidding, Ive had parents post reviews on my cat The kids love it Payment is once a month. I dont mind that because then its a big check. You know what to expect and money is in the account ontime. I love the children I teach. It is amazing how close you get to the family from the other side of the world Current Major Course Teacher